Here you can find out a little about where I am from, what I am up to and where I am heading in  "the beautiful game", football. You can contact me at the Contact page in the menu. Thanks for your visit.  Kash.

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I currently play for the University of Chichester team. Since 5 years old I have represented my club/school in tournaments in 9 countries. Please click on the photo above to find out more.

Please click on the photo below for my latest goal playing for Chichester University.

Coach Kash

I started coaching football at 12 years old & qualified for FIFA level 1 at 17.

I will study for my UEFA C Licence as soon as UEFA emerge from Covid-19 disorganisation.  Note FIFA-2 was replaced by UEFA-C Licence in 2022. My plan is to play and coach till I´m about 70! Please click on the photo to find out more….

Right Now.

Since Septermber 2020, I am studied a B.Sc. (hons) degree in Football Coaching & Performance at the University of Chichester, England. Lecturers are UEFA A & B coaches and the sports and research facilities are truly amazing!

For the year prior to that, I had the privilege of studying at IHM - a soccer academy in Manchester, also taught by UEFA A & B coaches. I enjoyed every thing about the course so much that this lead me to achieve the highest grade possible in the Pearson BTEC Level 3 diploma.  In both Chichester and IHM there is a mixture of class-based studies, practical on-pitch training and research.

Please click on the Chichester image to visit the website of the Football BSc. degree at University of Chichester (which opens in a new tab).


The Masters in Sports Psychology (M.Sc.) at Chichester University is for me a logical extension to the B.Sc. in Football Coaching and Performance. I have observed that the coaches that i respect the most are those that have the deepest understanding of the game from the psychological perspective. With this Masters i will be able to achieve the highest results possible for my employers & customers throughout my career. I plan to precede the Masters with a year of improving my coaching certification with UEFA - 2024 to 2025, then a Masters 2025-26.